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If Wordsworth had been a photographer, Randi Ward would be his equal in talent and polar opposite in perspective. The closest she comes to a Wordsworthian image in holdfast is her portrait of a gnarled tree, which evokes a wizened survivor rather than anything as carefree as a daffodil.

Mark Brazaitis

It was through Beyond the Grey that I was first introduced to Randi Ward, a poet from West Virginia. She wrote all the lyrics for the album. Randi had spent considerable time on the Faroes, and her lyrics captured its beauty in an unforgettable way making it all the more special.

Alex Gallacher

We almost never see books like Meditations on Salt published in the Faroe Islands, books which so uncompromisingly dare to engage two artistic disciplines at once. Here we have a young American who writes in three different languages and works across media.

Kim Simonsen

The entire collection is unified: the texts, the pictures and how they are presented. The poet clearly has intentions throughout…meditations on salt is built on this fundamental tone that is solitude and the means of a solitary being, which in some way actually ends up being solitude.

Carl Jóhan Jensen

Poet and photographer Randi Ward reflects on, and shares her original photographs and translations of, prolific Faroese poet Steinbjørn B. Jacobsen. May this piece remind all of us to search farther and deeper.

Lynne Desilva-Johnson

I find it extremely interesting to experience the stories of Olevina and other people in Nólsoy via the artistic temperament of Randi Ward and now Guðrið Hansdóttir. This is a definite strength of Beyond the Grey.

Uni L. Hansen

With their tightly focused nature images, Randi Ward’s bite-sized poems read as a stylistic fusion of haiku and Emily Dickinson.

Emily Hoffman

A black-and-white photo essay about Hestur in Denmark’s Faroe Islands includes descriptive captions and an introduction by the artist Randi Ward, which illuminate her literary as well as artistic talents … Her photographs communicate a moving depth of relationship with the people and landscapes she has captured here.

Sarah Gorman

Not only is Randi a gifted writer, she’s a good poet and also a talented photographer. There are excellent pictures in Meditations on Salt, and they create the feeling that everyone has run away. It’s as though no one wants to be around, everyone has bolted for some reason…

Oddfríður M. Rasmussen

Very friendly and very curious, Randi has the right sensibility in terms of what makes a poet a poet. For one, she cares about people, as her education in anthropology obviously suggests. She’s also a huge participant in the ongoing struggle to link photographic imagery and meaningful lyricism together to make a unified whole.

Patrick J. Dolan